Collection: The Villain Era Lipgloss

Unleash your inner villainess with the Villain Era Lipgloss Collection by Messina Glam. This powerful line is designed for women who prioritize themselves and aren't afraid to seduce the world with their bold confidence. Each shade embodies the essence of empowerment and dominance—whether you're commanding the room with the regal 'Sadistic Queen,' embracing your wild side with 'Feral De Vil,' rising to new heights with the authoritative 'Boss Daddy,' or making a daring statement with 'F You Are.' These lipglosses aren't just about shine; they reign supreme, capturing the fierce, unapologetic spirit of those who dare to prioritize their own needs and desires. Elevate your look, embrace your power, and let the world know that in your Villain Era, nothing less than flawless will do.

100% Vegan and Cruelty Free.

Orders will be shipped on launch date.